Some kind words from some very happy couples…

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Deirdre and Kieran
Atkinson Country Club
Atkinson, NH

"Reverend Ernie,

Sorry its taken me a while to contact you its been a busy few days.

The ceremony was just absolutely gorgeous our friends and family are still talking about it saying it was the nicest service they have ever witnessed.

Kieran and I both agree that it was your hard work and thoughtfulness that made it that way and we thank you with all our hearts.

Best wishes,

Mr. and Mrs. F."

Heather and Loren
Cathedral of the Pines
Rindge, NH
(Affordable Memories Photography)


You put so much caring and heart into your weddings, every bride will be eternally grateful that she found you to perform her ceremony!

Thank you again for everything you have done."

Brandon, Jaime and Jocelyn
Lynch Park
Beverly, MA

"Hi Ernie!

I can't believe how perfect everything was last Sunday!

Thank you so much for such a great ceremony. We (you) got so many compliments!

I can't believe how many pictures we got and how lovely they all came out.

Thank you again for writing those wonderful vows, everything was just perfect!

Jaime and Brandon and Jocelyn!"

Bob, Shannon and Laila
Wagner Park
Manchester, NH

"Rev. Ernie,

Thank you so much for performing a lovely wedding ceremony for us.

Everything was absolutely perfect and Bob and I were more than pleased from beginning to end.

We appreciate everything you've done for us and are happy you were able to share our special moment.


Diane and Chris
Hilltop Steakhouse
Saugus, MA
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Thank you so much for being a huge part of our perfect day! We both could not have asked for more, nor could we have expected our ceremony to be so wonderful. We had many guests say how much they loved the ceremony and would remember it for a long time. And you could tell by our faces, and my tears, how special the day was, thanks to your help!


Sue and Bob
Home Wedding
Fremont, NH

"Rev. Ernie was VERY prompt at returning my calls and my conversations with him were just wonderful. He was always professional, informative, warm and extremely helpful.

I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a very special person to officiate their wedding."

Mary and Mike
Home Wedding
Chester, NH

"Reverend Chiaradonna was very professional, was easy to talk to and made every possible effort to create the perfect ceremony for my husband and I, one that we will remember forever."

Nate and Christine
Rye Beach State Park
Rye, NH

"Rev. Ernie,

Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and compassionate in our wedding planning. We really appreciate all the time, organization and care that you took in making our ceremony such a beautiful and memorable experience.

Nate and Christine"

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Hi Rev Ernie!!

Ahhh! I am so excited that we have our first copy of the ceremony. I have been waiting for this moment for months. Ha ha. It felt like it wouldn’t come soon enough, and now we are almost at the finish line!

Shawn and I looked over the ceremony… and we love it! You were really able to capture exactly what we were looking for and we are both so glad to have found you! You are so talented in the way you are able to write things and the words flow so beautifully. I feel like you have helped us to reach our goal… our ceremony is going to stand out in peoples minds because it is not just your typical ceremony.

Talk to you soon!!


Rev. Ernie,

Thank you so much for all your help throughout and for putting together such an amazing ceremony. It was beautiful and way beyond my expectations.

With love, April

Rev. Ernie,

I really feel like you are an exceptional officiant. I felt compelled to write a review for you on a wedding website that I am fairly active on. It's called Project Wedding. It's a great site for brides-to-be that like to get ideas from others and find wedding vendors and such. I hope you don't mind.



I must say, you have already surpassed my expectations with your organization and great ideas - I am really excited for this ceremony!!! Please feel free to put this on your website - everyone should know how great you are!


From a Non-Bride

Dear Reverend,

I just had to write to tell you how impressed I was by the wonderful ceremony you performed at our facility last Saturday. In all my years as a wedding coordinator I have never seen a room full of people sit so quietly and listen so intently; hanging on your every word.

Your eye contact with everyone in the room, and the inflections in your voice, made everyone, including me, feel as if you were speaking directly to them.

The beautiful words you wrote, and the eloquence with wich you presented them, brought tears even to my eyes. You are a wonderful wedding minister and we sincerely hope to see you here again soon (and often).

With your permission I would like to add you to my Preferred Vendors list.


Wedding and Function Coordinator

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